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2022 Reader Survey

APPA Reader Survey

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey to let the American Public Power Association team know how you like to receive news and information from us, and what topics you would prefer for us to cover. Your responses help us plan for the year ahead. 
2. How often do you read/use/listen to the following APPA communications?
Space Cell RegularlyOccasionallyRarelyNeverNot aware of this channel/Uncertain
Public Power Current (newsletter)
Public Power Magazine (website)
APPA social media accounts
Public Power Now (podcast)
Public Power Conversations (video series)
3. Which portions of the Current newsletter do you regularly read/review?
Space Cell Usually read/scanSometimes read/scanDo not usually read/scanNever read/scanNot aware of this feature/ do not read it
Feature articles
Social media post/image of the day
From our blog/magazine
Career opportunities (job board)
Events listing
Vendor opportunities (RFPs)
4. Would any of the following be of interest to you?
Space Cell YesMaybeNoNot sure/no opinion
Audio versions of articles
Curated, topic-based editions of the Current
Regional-specific versions of the Current
5. What type of information/content do you seek out from APPA?  
6. Which formats/styles of videos and podcasts from APPA do you prefer? (check all that apply)